Welcome to the official New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) licensed user website.

The National Council of Churches (NCC), through its affiliate Friendship Press, is the copyright owner of the NRSV and adaptations and translations thereof.

Licensing the NRSV

Riggins Rights Management manages the rights and permissions for the NRSV. If you have not yet acquired the rights to use the NRSV, are in need of additional permissions, or have any other questions, please contact NRSVcopyright@rigginsrights.com. Additional information about licensing and permissions is available here.

File Requests

Scribe Inc. manages and maintains the NRSV database and is able to provide the full NRSV text to licensees in the following file formats:

  • ScML (Scribe’s XML)
  • HTML
  • Microsoft Word DOCX
  • InDesign Tagged Text (IDTT)

Use the Downloads page to obtain your selected file format(s). Scribe will issue login credentials only after you have acquired the rights to use the NRSV. For additional information about login credentials, please contact bibles@scribenet.com.

Licensees must refer to the errata and specifications for the NRSV while preparing print and digital versions of the text.